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National Sailing Hall of Fame

Annapolis, MD / Professor I.Williams / Fall 2008


Sailors throughout the centuries have travel the seas facing all the challenges they meet on their path. As an honor to their bravery and accomplishments a national museum is to be built in the harbor of Annapolis next to the Naval Academy. The concept behind the building design is the duality of the sea. The sea can be a calm, peaceful friend or it can be a raging vengeful foe. The best sailors recognized this duality and learned to both admire and respect the sea. The building expresses this duality through its form. A glass box building that represents the calm sea that hosts a hall of fame gallery and a dynamic building that represents the stormy sea and host a science and technology of sailing gallery. Both buildings are supported by a series of trusses, orthogonal in the calm see building and in alternating angles in the stormy sea. The building has a direct connection with the sea as the building wraps around the sides of the shore. 


The concept of the building is dispersion, the underwater effect of the light as it passes through the liquid. The building transforms the visitor into an active participant of the reciprocal underwater environment. An experience that reproduces the caracteristic disorientation of the ocean’s BLUE. 


Blue Logo.png
Concept Diagrams
Site Plan
Approach View
Entrance View
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Exhibition Hall
SHoF Cafe
Wall Section
Model Section
Model Interior
Model Interior
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