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Habitat for Humanity
Social Housing in Catano, P.R.
Catano, P.R. / Professor A. Sanchez / Spring 2006


The social housing complex design for Habitat for Humanity is located in the downtown area of Cataño, Puerto Rico. The site is located in a residential street between existing detached single family houses. The concept of the project is born out of a word puzzle from which two forms are born the bar shape and the L shape. These two forms are developed into the living modules. The connection between the two modules creates the residential complex. There are two types of connections, produced by the overlapping and contact of the pieces. 

Concept Diagrams
Aerial View
Street View
Courtyard View
Site Plan.jpg
Main Elevation
Long Section
L Shape Module Floor Plan
L Unit Interior View
Bar Module First Floor Plan
Bar Module Second Floor Plan
Bar Module Interior View
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