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Entrance View
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Building Section
Reception + Courtyard View
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Aquarium for Puerto Rico
San Juan, P.R. / Professor A. Georas / Fall 2007

Blue is an Aquarium for Puerto Rico to be developed in Isla Grande a sector under development in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The site is visible throughout the coast of Old San Juan and from a major highway. Because of its visibility this object building has the potential of being a jewel in the city. The concept of the building is dispersion, the underwater effect of the light as it passes through the liquid. The building transforms the visitor into an active participant of the reciprocal underwater environment. An experience that reproduces the characteristic disorientation of the ocean’s BLUE. The disorientation is achieved by creating a shell building, where the distinction between walls and roof is lost. The dispersion effect is recreated by fenestrations in the roof that allows light to enter the building and is reflected by the metallic ceiling.