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Eduardo Sanchez started his architecture education in 2003 at the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico. During his undergraduate he was involved in several activities like being a member of the student council, a joint studio with the GSD at Harvard and the construction of a ecological micro house. In 2008 he graduated Cum Laude with an Environmental Design Bachelor Degree. Eduardo adquired his MAster of Architecture and a Urban Design Certificate at the University of Maryland in College Park. Throughout graduate school he worked as a Teacher Assistant for a Computer Applications Course and an Undergrad Design Studio. In 2010 he presented his thesis Redifining the School Building A New model for Schools in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In this project he explored the idea of a contemporary model of schools and educations for schools in Puerto Rico. Eduardo currently works as an Intern Architect at Paul Cox Architects in Falls Church, Virginia. 

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